Fit, fabulous and over 50

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As we get older, our priorities change and we tend to enjoy time together in a retirement village

Winding down to retirement doesn’t have to mean grinding to a halt!

As we get older, our priorities change and we tend to enjoy a bit more luxury at home, and in life. Its not uncommon to want to indulge a bit more which can often mean our fitness might fade, this is completely normal when we switch gears in life.

Research tells us that as we enter our fifties and beyond, we need to move our bodies in a different way. Often this can mean we need to switch up our exercise routine.

Benefits of moving your body

Entering the over 50 bracket is a wonderful time in life and what better way to embrace this time by planning some exercise to release endorphins that help you get in tune with your body. Exercise also has an incredible impact on our mood and how we view the world, and ourselves in it. For many people, there’s nothing better than waking up and taking a leisurely stroll in the sunshine or joining friends for a group activity.

The benefits of regular exercise are widely reported as being only a good thing for you.

Think about the old adage ‘move it or lose it’.

Regular exercise has been linked to a reduced risk or delayed development of many illnesses and diseases, including heart disease and stroke, joint and muscle pain, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and osteoporosis to name a few.

If you’re coming back from an injury or just happy to be moving slowly, the best place to start is making a plan.

The one thing to remember when starting a new exercise regime is to check in with your GP or local health professional who can offer you some fantastic advice on how your body is travelling and the exercises best suited to your needs.

Where to start

For many, finding somewhere to exercise with likeminded individuals can be challenging. The great news is that you’re not alone on this, many people feel this way.

This is where Hampshire Villages comes in.

Offering a range of lifestyle villages for the over 50s, Hampshire Villages provides a range of lifestyle amenities across all their properties which means you can exercise in your own backyard.

‘When my husband and I joined Hampshire Villages, we were blown away by the different facilities on offer. My husband is a keen golfer whereas I prefer a team sport, I feel so lucky that we’ve been able to keep fit at home, it’s been wonderful!’

Whether its joining a lawn bowls team, swimming some laps, hitting a local nature trail or a few rounds of golf at the nearby club, if you’re a Hampshire Village resident your opportunities to stay fit are endless.

There’s a village for everyone, where you’ll be welcomed like an old friend into a community that wants you the be happy and healthy.

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