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The importance of community can never be underestimated, our need for a connection within a retirement village

The importance of community can never be underestimated, our need for a connection with others can bring us tremendous joy in our older years.

For some people, getting older can bring a sense of trepidation, the kids leave home or move away and suddenly, your life needs to find a new direction.

Studies show that community is a critical factor in remaining vibrant in our older years, it keeps our brains active and all the neurons firing.

Let’s face it, we all flourish with people around us in a friendly community.

Finding connection in community

Many people think about getting older and worry about what this means for them. The truth is, its different for everyone but, one thing is very clear, and that is people thrive in company.

The power of friendship and community has significant health benefits.  Studies have shown that relationships are a predictor of longevity and wellness. When we are connecting with others, we’re releasing endorphins which make us happy and positive.

‘When my wife passed away, I was a bit overwhelmed. Luckily for me, I was introduced to Hampshire Villages and was able to find a new home to live, in a friendly community.’

It’s not uncommon when we get older for our social circle to shrink as people move in different directions and our work life closes out, this is completely normal but often leaves people craving for a sense of connection. Community connection provides us with a sense of belonging and personal value, both of which are vital to self-esteem and wellness.

Finding a community that understands both your living and social needs is where retirement villages can be a wonderful opportunity.

The Hampshire effect

Lifestyle communities for over 50s are a great way for people to step into a new chapter in a supportive community that has only your best needs at heart.

Our residents tell us they’ve discovered a new lease on life when they come to live in our villages.

‘I’ve joined the Men’s Shed where I can get on the tools but mostly, it’s the friendships I’ve made that really inspire me. Great mates and a nice place to live, I couldn’t be happier’.

Whether you’re seeking a morning stroll on pristine beaches or waking up to the gentle country life, our vibrant communities across Australia offer something for everyone.

Our villages offer a calendar of social activities which means you can always find someone to chat to over a shared activity. Our incredible staff will come to know you as a friend and will always look out for your health and wellbeing.

Hampshire Villages is a one stop shop, you’ll find comfort in modern living, safety in secure grounds and friendship in a supportive community of likeminded people.

You’ll be so busy; the kids might need to book in to see you!

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