The case for downsizing in a Covid world

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When Covid-19 took the world by storm in 2020 many of us took to the garden, got fit or simply enjoyed the peace and quiet as the world took a very deep breath.

The chance to sit back and reflect during this time presented one thing for many people; opportunity.

The opportunity to think about next steps, goals, dreams and for some, the plan to downsize.

Hitting the fab and fifty milestone and beyond is a wonderful chance to create a plan for the most exciting chapter of your life. Once the kids are grown and the extra bedrooms are no longer occupied, or the garden is just too big, this is your chance to think about what your next steps are.

Make the most of the booming market

The property market is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom which means there’s never been a better time to sell up, find a new home and sit back to enjoy the profit.

As property prices steadily rise even in a pandemic world, now is the time to maximise your profits and downsize.

This is where Hampshire Villages can help.

Offering a range of low maintenance, modern villages, you’ll be sure to find the right home that suits your needs. Our villages offer social calendars choc-full of activities so you can start the day with a swim, a fitness class or, round out the sunset at a friendly happy hour.


Whether you’re seeking a morning stroll on pristine beaches or waking up to the gentle country life, our vibrant communities across Australia offer something for everyone.

Our villages offer a range of benefits including no council rates, rent assistance, no stamp duty, no exit fees and best of all, you’ll retain any capital gains.

The friendship and senses of belonging to a vibrant community is waiting for you, all you need to do is make the call.

Contact Hampshire Villages today

Get in touch today and speak with our friendly team, opportunity awaits!

Telephone: 1300 936 085

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