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Did you know that our community residents are protected under government legislation?

There are more retirement living options available than ever before and the decision on which is best for you should not be taken lightly. Take your time, research the options and talk to your friends and family to ensure the community that you select is right for your individual circumstances.

Home ownership within a land lease community shares many similarities with traditional home ownership, such as the ability to benefit from capital gains. However, there are several key differences along with a range of protections to ensure residents within land lease communities are well looked after.

A home in a land lease community may look like a traditional house, however, there is a key difference in how it has been built. For this reason, the home itself is owned by the resident, while the land under it is leased from the community operator.

When you purchase a house in a Hampshire Village, you own your home but not the land which reduces the overall purchase price!

Need help understanding site agreements?

Since you will be leasing the land, you will need to sign a site agreement before moving into your home. This is a legal agreement between you (the homeowner) and us, the community operator.

Whilst the agreement is quite straightforward and residents are protected under legislation, some people may feel apprehensive about signing such an agreement. It is a good idea to seek independent legal and financial advice, however, the below links are a great starting point for your research.


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South Australia

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