Embracing the regional life

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Elderly couple relaxing in their garden with their dog.

When we arrive at a time in our lives where we work less, it creates space for us to think about where we would like to be, and what we’d like to be doing.

For many, retirement means more opportunity to pack up and go in search of our own Shangri La.

It’s a lovely dream, isn’t it? The reality however requires some planning. This post will walk you through making that long awaited sea or tree change out of the city and into the regions.

Regional life – finding the right place for you

The move to regional life has been a trend picking up steam for people of all stages of life over the past few years, and never more so then now after COVID. Offering better affordability, a slower pace, and in many cases, a better lifestyle – regional living is presenting many an opportunity to truly stop and smell the roses.

When you’re considering a move, it is important to think about what you’re looking for in your new location. Things to consider might be:

  • Do you want to be near a town?
  • Is public transport important to you?
  • What amenities and facilities do you need now and in the future? Think health, wellbeing, community, financial etc

Why you should consider Hampshire Villages range of lifestyle communities

Hampshire Villages offer a selection of lifestyle communities with affordable, modern homes and a great range of amenities, in fabulous locations right across Australia.

Having a trusted advisor to help find the right location and property at an affordable price and to navigate the purchasing process is key. That’s where our Hampshire Lifestyle Communities sales team members can assist. Speak with our friendly sales team about your lifestyle requirements and they’ll support you through the whole process of making your dream a reality.

Madeleine, Sale Team member, ‘I love my job, I help people make the choice to move to one of our vibrant communities for over 50s and then get to welcome them when they arrive. What I love most is finding the community that really brings their dream to life’.

Malcom, a resident at Crystal Waters Estate, says ‘my wife and I have always loved being near the beach but never found a place in our price range. Then we had a chat with the folks at Hampshire Villages and they showed us how we could downsize and be near the beach. We got what we wanted with a few pennies to spare, so we’re thrilled!’.

If you’re dreaming of winding roads that lead to your favourite vineyard or walking along a pristine beach before tucking into a late brunch, don’t wait. Hampshire Villages can help you find your dream location in a vibrant community of likeminded people who cherish this chapter of their lives as much as you do.

Start your exciting new lifestyle today – contact Hampshire Villages.

Get in touch and speak with our friendly team, opportunity awaits! 

Telephone: 1300 936 085 

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