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“It has put more money in our pockets, selling our family home and buying here,” retirement village residents Karen and Paul said

With house prices continuing to boom in 2021, there’s never been a better time to sell your existing home and move into something more suitable for the next stage of your life.

However, you may still be concerned about having sufficient funds to really enjoy your retirement. Hampshire Villages may have the solution with their unique Shared Equity offering which enables you to move into a new home without paying the full purchase price.

Rather than requiring you to pay 100% of the purchase price, Shared Equity allows you to pay 75% – 99.99% of the total cash purchase price in return for an identical percentage ownership. The Shared Equity agreement provides you with exclusive use of the home and recognises your right to sell your interest in the home. Using Shared Equity frees up capital that would otherwise be tied up in your home, which means more money in the bank for a comfortable retirement.

“It has put more money in our pockets, selling our family home and buying here,” Hampshire Village residents Karen and Paul said.

“We explored different retirement living options but buying a home using Shared equity freed up so much extra cash which has enabled us to travel and enjoy our retirement”

“Plus, there are all these other benefits that come from community living – new friendships, fantastic facilities and a busy calendar of activities and events. The list goes on. We couldn’t be happier.”

Hampshire Villages is a family-owned Australian company with over 20 years’ experience operating land lease communities. They have 17 communities across Australia, with 12 of those in New South Wales.

For more information and village locations visit www.hampshirevillages.com.au or phone 1300 936 085

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