6 signs you are ready to downsize!

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Chances are if you’ve found yourself drawn in by the title of this article, the thought of downsizing has been on your mind.

Maybe you are entering retirement, a soon to be empty nester, or are just starting to think about the future. This is completely normal and often a wonderful opportunity to think big about ‘downsizing’ your home and ‘upsizing’ your lifestyle.

To help kickstart to your thinking, in this article we look at six of the most common indicators that you are ready to downsize.

  1. Feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep of your home

As we get older, sometimes our capacity to do the things we used to do with little effort diminishes. You may previously have loved the idea of having a big family home, with a large garden, or even a swimming pool. But now that amount of space and upkeep has become a little daunting, expensive, and time consuming. You may be seeing these things a bit differently now. It doesn’t mean that you’re not capable, it may just mean your priorities have changed, and you want to spend your energies elsewhere.

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Been bitten by the travel bug?

2. Wanderlust

This is a nice problem to have, letting the wanderlust take you to all the places on your bucket list! Planning a long trip, because you now have the time, can sometimes be hampered by having a large home to maintain whilst you are away. Downsizing to something that you can lock up and go can be really empowering. This means finding a place you can maintain and walk away from, safe in the knowledge that your home is safe and secure whilst you are of adventuring.

3. Too much space

Many of our empty nesters tell us that when the kids leave home, there is lots of rooms in the home that become redundant. Some people see this as an opportunity to update rooms for dedicated craft or hobbies, whilst others can just see it as another set of unused spaces collecting dust and or clutter. Taking pause and looking at the unused space in your home can be the first step in objectively reviewing your floorspace, to help you decide if downsizing is for you.

4. Emotional ties

When life changes, sometimes the way we feel about where we live changes too. If you’re in a place in your life where the kids have all left home, or you may have lost a partner, or perhaps are entering into a divorce, your home may be a reminder of less happy times. If you’re feeling this way, take a moment to recognise your own bravery and accept that it may be time to find a new place to live, where you can make new memories and be happy again.

5. Spending too much money

If you’re seeing more and more money leave your account on things like maintenance, rates or general upkeep, this can be a good indicator to think about downsizing, particularly in this day and age with the ever-raising costs of living. Ideally, growing older means you have more money, not less!

6.Craving the simple life

As we move through the tail end of the pandemic, the enforced slow down of our lives forced many of us to reflect on what we want and how we can shift our focus to a simpler life. The desire for the simple life is not new however, a 2017 survey showed 60 percent of people who lived in homes 2,000 square feet or larger were planning to downsize, the pandemic may just be the final push people need to pursue a simpler life.

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What’s next?

Decided it’s definitely time to get the ball rolling on downsizing? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Get a tape measure

Mark out the amount of space you need and compare it to what you currently have.

Speak with friends and family

Share your thoughts about downsizing with family and friends. You might be surprised how many of those close to you are supportive and can help flesh out your thinking and help formulate a plan.

Consider an over 55’s lifestyle community:

There are so many benefits of retiring to a lifestyle village. You’ll be safe and sound and never short on friends.

Consider your visitors

Think about your future space and ensure if you want visitors, you can fit them in!

Ocean, forest, or outback?

What’s the lifestyle you’re after? Thinking of embracing the regional life? Or perhaps you prefer living close to a big city? Think about what view you want to open your curtains to.

Thinking about downsizing into a lifestyle community? Learn more about the Hampshire Village difference.

Browse our range of homes for sale or explore our communities or get in touch today and speak with our friendly team about how we can help you make the most of your retirement. Opportunity awaits!

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